Filing opens Monday for city, school posts

Monday, Feb. 12, is the first day candidates may apply for a place on Port Aransas City Council and Port Aransas Independent School District Board of Trustees ballots. Technically, the first day to file is Feb. 10, but that falls on a Saturday and city hall and the school offices will be closed. The last day for applications for a […]

At play at the end of the day

Friends Rachel Patton, 6, of Fort Worth, and Grace Judin, 5, of Dallas, play with a pail at the beach in Port Aransas at sunset Saturday, Jan. 27.

Six apply to fill city council vacancy till May

City council members will have six applicants to choose from today, Thursday, Feb. 8, when they decide who – if anyone – will fill the vacant city council Place 3. The applicants include: + James L. Polewchak Jr., 36, a Port Aransas resident for two years + Eleece Calvert, 60-plus, a Port Aransas resident for 12 years + William H.H. […]

City hopeful it can negotiate keeping dune permit control

Port Aransas officials remain hopeful that they can reach an agreement with Nueces County that will effectively exclude the city from the county’s proposed 350-foot dune setback rule. City Manager Michael Kovacs said he hopes city officials will be able to meet with newly-elected County Judge Loyd Neal and work out a compromise to the amendment that would change dune […]

Down the hatch

A brown pelican prepares to swallow a hardhead it caught for lunch on the south jetty recently.

Bob Flood: ‘At that time, it was real hairy’

Editor’s note: This is the last article in a seven-part series of interviews with current and past Port Aransas mayors reflecting on the state of our island town and its future. The first six articles were interviews with six of the town’s seven most recent mayors: Claude Brown (2006 to present), Georgia Neblett (2004-2006), Glenn Martin (1998-2004), Jim Sherrill (1994-1998), […]



State of State draws stares

No coincidence that the loudest clapping at Gov. Rick Perry’s state of the state speech Tuesday came from a heavy-set guy in the southwest corner of the House chamber. He was Dave Carney, Perry’s chief political consultant, from New Hampshire, who is suspected of putting dreams of the vice presidency in Perry’s head. That’s what Perry seemed to be auditioning […]


Reasons to miss the Antarctic

As I wrap up preparations for leaving Antarctica, it occurs to me to ask myself, “What will you miss when you leave?” It’s a valid question. While I am not among the large percentage of people here whose arrival fulfilled a longawaited wish, I did jump at the opportunity when it arose. There were sacrifices by my family and myself. […]


What happened to old-time winters?

This winter in Texas is not what it’s supposed to be. We are supposed to be wearing summer clothes, playing golf almost any day of the week, washing our cars in our driveways and swimming at Barton Springs if it’s just too beautiful a day to not check in on our city’s special swimming hole. I can remember one year […]