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Workers have begun turning gas meters back on, but the process will continue into tomorrow, according to a new update that just now was issued by Port Aransas City Manager David Parsons.
In a text, he wrote:
“Crews purged much of the system by this late afternoon (by 6:00 pm) and started turning gas meters/service back on. We started with the school first, then hit most of the hotels and restaurants that were still open. Also began a few residences.
“City of CC is sending 6 crews in the morning to help us as we work our way through town turning on service.
“Someone must be present for crews to turn on service. If you’re working and need an after work appointment please contact the city and we’ll make arrangements.
“We greatly appreciate everyone’s patience over the weekend. We’ll keep making progress tomorrow.”

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  1. Stuff happens! All we really need to know is what will be done to mitigate the effects of subsequent occurrences. Perhaps we should have a backup source of natural gas. Maybe we could have a reserve tank. Me personally? I don’t know. But I do know of a former city planner that should be able to handle a backup plan.

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