Vandals break into Port A schoolFree Access

Someone broke into Brundrett Middle School on the night of Saturday (June 18) and vandalized the school, according to a post that the Port Aransas Independent School District put on its Facebook page today (Sunday).

The post didn’t describe the type or extent of the damage, but it did include what appeared to be security camera photos of three people in the hallways of the school.

“Our staff members do not recognize any of the three young people who made these poor choices and therefore we are asking for assistance,” the post said.

“Our hope would be that these young people will contact the Port Aransas Police Department to take RESPONSIBILITY for their actions, make RESTITUTION for the damages caused, and to make things RIGHT for the staff members who spent time today dealing with the situation as well as those who will be spending time this week cleaning up the messes and making repairs in addition to their normal job duties,” the post said.

In case the three don’t step forward, school officials are asking that anyone who knows them and/or their current locations call the Port Aransas Police Department at (361) 749-6241.

The school district’s Facebook post can be seen at

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