‘Three goats on the street’ – understood

Chief Concerns

Scott Burroughs is chief of the Port Aransas Police Department.

Scott Burroughs is chief of the Port Aransas Police Department.

It is National Police Week, so I thought it would be fitting to hear from one of our more senior officers. This week’s thoughts are written by Senior Patrol Officer Ronald “ Todd” Thomasson. Senior Officer Thomasson has served in five different decades including more than 30 years with the Dallas Police Department. He joined our ranks just days after Hurricane Harvey made landfall. Todd’s vast knowledge and quirky sense of humor earned him “rookie of the Year” honors in 2018.

– Chief Scott Burroughs

My name is Todd Thomasson. I joined the Dallas Police Department in 1985 at the ripe age of 19 ½ years old. I served proudly with Dallas police until August 31, 2017. I retired that date as a lieutenant and began my employment with the Port Aransas Police Department the very next day. I really enjoyed my 16 hours of retirement, but hey, there had been that big bad storm, Hurricane Harvey, the prior week, and my presence was requested sooner rather than later.

My take on policing

If you watch re- runs of Adam 12, and compare the situations officers encounter, nothing has really changed, at all, since that show was made. People are the same, they make mistakes, some are just evil but the vast majority are good people. The only thing that has changed is technology.

I am purposely avoiding the entire “all cops are racists and evil” since this is a newspaper and I believe it is all a B(%&^$@# false narrative lie anyway, which is why I have had to quit watching the news.

When I began my policing career, I was proud to have joined such a noble profession, which it still is but is now a field that is suffering horrifically. I thank God I left Dallas when I did. OK, I’m slipping, let’s get back to The Republic of Port A.

I love this department and the men and women I serve with; it is a very good feeling to be treated as a person and not just a number. It did not take long for me to learn however, most of the things I had experienced in my former life simply do not apply in this slightly parallel universe called Port A.

Simple situations just do not exist here, there is always some type of island twist or turn to everything. When I arrived, I heard local sayings, “ here you don’t lose your wife, you lose your turn,” “Port A is a small drinking town with a fishing problem”, “there is drunk, and then there is Port A drunk”. All complete truths!

Example: Actual call to dispatch at 2 a.m. Hey, we are in a rent house on 12th Street (just drunk), we saw a drunk guy walking down the street and he laid down and passed out in the middle of the street (Port A drunk). Its OK though, we helped him, we went to the street and put a pillow under his head, Ahh, now the renters are Port A drunk too!

Luckily, most people here do appreciate their police officers and I still enjoy helping people. Over the years my style has definitely changed from T.J. Hooker to Andy Griffith, but the problem usually gets solved, or at least delayed until the booze wears off. Everyday folks still just stop me and say I appreciate what you do. Even at my age, that makes my day!

My policing days are winding down, but for now, when the dispatcher says take the call on Cotter, caller states there are three goats with coats loose in the street, instead of saying what? I simply say, en route!

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