Tanya Chambers

Tanya Chambers is a candidate running for Place 4 on the Port Aransas City Council. Following is a summary of remarks she made at Candidates’ Night on Thursday, April 14.

The remarks came in her prepared opening and closing statements and also when she, with other candidates, randomly drew questions from a bucket and gave impromptu responses.

Chambers owns the Casa Bella salon and the Crazy Cajun restaurant.

She said she has served in many community organizations and their boards. The Port Aransas Education Foundation, Port Aransas Police Foundation and Port Aransas Tourism Bureau & Chamber of Commerce board are examples.

She said she believes many of the problems that Port Aransas is seeing now can be traced back to Hurricane Harvey’s strike in 2017.

She said she wants to see the town’s police, fire and EMS personnel get out of the portable buildings they’ve been in since the hurricane and into permanent headquarters.

Chambers drew this question:

“The history and culture of Old Town is part of what makes Port Aransas special. Many in Port Aransas are concerned that development is chipping away at the integrity of Old Town. What more should be done that hasn’t already been done to preserve Old Town?”

“I believe Old Town is really neat and quirky, has some older houses,” Chambers responded. “I’d like to see it beautified, would like to see green areas, beautiful trees planted just to make it stand out.”

Chambers also drew this question:

“As Port Aransas grows, the need for city services – police, fire, EMS — will continue to grow. How will we pay for that and how much should these departments grow in the near future?”

Chambers touched on the idea of hiring full-time firefighters.

“I know our city is still recovering from Hurricane Harvey,” she said. “We don’t have a whole lot of money.”

She pointed out that police, fire and EMS remain in portable buildings – a result of Harvey’s wrath.

“I’d like to see us somehow, some way get more money, whether it’s through grants, bonds, something, because this is a very big deal for me – our police, our EMS, our fire department being in portable buildings. That’s just a sad thing, because they’re very important.”

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