Summer Season in Full Swing

From the President’s Desk

Brett Stawar

Brett Stawar

The summer season kicked-off in style this most recent Memorial Day weekend. We had lots of people on the island, which is great considering the economy and the opening of everything else from the grasps of the pandemic. June is off to a gangbuster start with solid numbers predicted each week through all of June and July.

During the summer months, we tone down our advertising and gear up fall messaging and ads. Most of our booking windows for the summer months are booked several weeks in advance. And, like mentioned, we will be near capacity each weekend of the two strong summer months. We do see this capacity coming with a little less occupancy on the overnight stays. However, this is being replaced with a stronger growth in revenue. Here’s to a strong summer for us all.

We’re working on some new projects for the fall and coming year already. During the summer we will continue to work with the city to advance the wayfinding and signage initiatives. It is our hope by Labor Day to have a complete, bid ready series of signage phases for the city to adopt and build out over the next year or two. And, believe it or not, we are already working on a new series of Salty Stories and the 2023 Island Guide magazine.

We also just launched something new this year. Thanks to all of our work with the community through the fall and winter months, we were able to launch a brand new initiative called ‘Respect Our Island Home.’ Over Memorial Day weekend, we began promotions inside the city of Port Aransas that remind our visitors about the things we consider are important to us and our way of life. We created digital messaging to address beach safety, golf cart rules, general etiquette and lots more. If you’d like to take a peek, check out

Here’s to a wonderful summer season for visitors and residents alike. And remember, Traditions Anchor Here!

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