Peak performer

Staff photo by Dan Parker

Staff photo by Dan Parker

Eighth-grade student Jhostin Sanchez, standing third from left, with school officials and family members, on Monday, Jan. 9, after being named Brundrett Middle School’s Peak Performer for the second nine weeks of the school year. BMS staff and students praised Sanchez for being a hard worker, showing a great attitude and always being polite. ‘Jhostin always thinks outside the box,’ said a write-up distributed by BMS Principal James Garrett. ‘An example of this is when he turned in an assignment written completely in German. It was an amazing job well done.’ From left are Port Aransas ISD Superintendent Sharon McKinney, BMS Principal James Garrett, Sanchez; Sanchez’s father, Alejandro Sanchez; Jhostin’s mother, Maria Huerta; Jhsotin’s brothers, Ronaldo and Brendan Aguilar; and Jhostin’s uncle, Ramiro Aguilar, with his girlfriend, Susana Onelas Mombela. As prizes, Jhostin received a water bottle and some of his favorite treats including 10 bags of Lays potato chips, 10 bags of nacho cheese Doritos chips and a bag of green apples.

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