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James Garrett is principal at Brundrett Middle School.

James Garrett is principal at Brundrett Middle School.

It feels like a long time ago that we were wearing masks and walking in circles around our cafeteria to “social distance.” And I know that is still the case in many areas of our country, but I have to say….thank goodness we are not doing that anymore! And now, we only have a couple of short weeks of school left, and I can promise you…it will pass by very quickly, so don’t blink.

This is the busiest time of year. So much is going on with sports and tests and events that never seem to end. It is a wonderful time of year as well. However, it is also the time of year where panic can set in and people are very stressed. Everyone associated with schools is being pulled in a million different directions and feeling a ton of pressure every day. I think it is of paramount importance that we remember that everyone is a little on edge, and because of that, we need to show each other as much grace as possible. I’m sure every single one of us has been given a good amount of grace from another person at some point in our life. And I’ll bet that really encouraged us to pass on that grace to another person. That’s a great thing about this community – the continual passing on of something – whether it be confidence, kindness, happiness, or even physical things like clothes or food items. This community does it all.

And that, plus so many other reasons, is why I feel we should be incredibly thankful for the fact that we call PAISD our home. I look at so many of the issues facing the world right now regarding trafficking, inflation, racial injustice, immigration, crime, treatment of those in authority like elected officials or police, and the list goes on and on and on. And then I look at what is facing other school districts – teacher shortages, students falling behind, funding deficits, students not getting to set foot in their school all year long, teacher burn-out from online and in-person learning, and that list goes on and on as well. And here we are in Port Aransas where there is no shortage of teachers that want to come and work here. People are beating down our door to try and get into our schools through transfer applications. We have incredible community support that starts with what P.A.E.F. does yearly, but goes all the way to food items being given by local supporters for students who don’t have enough food at home. We can truly be thankful for what we have here in Port Aransas, Texas!

As we close this year out, I would remind everyone that although there have been some tough times over the past few years, things are only going to get better because we have all the ingredients to succeed in here Port Aransas ISD!!

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