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Dan Parker

News editor

Shorty’s Place, one of the oldest businesses in town and a beloved symbol of Old Town Port Aransas, is going to move.

Owner Edwin Myers announced tonight (Saturday, April 9) that he plans to move not only the business entity but also the building that has housed Shorty’s since the 1940s.

He said he will move the building to a piece of property at the northeast corner of Alister and Beach streets. It’s where Castaways Seafood & Grill once stood, before its building was demolished following Hurricane Harvey’s strike in 2017. Castaway’s now stands at 337 N. Alister St., a short distance from its earlier location.

Myers’ announcement likely comes as a relief to many who love Shorty’s.

The business neighborhood surrounding the old watering hole has undergone extensive redevelopment over the past few years, and rumors have run rampant that Shorty’s might fall victim to the wrecking ball.

“Basically, at the end of the day, I need to put Shorty’s in a position to where I can control its future, and in doing so, we’re going to be moving Shorty’s from Tarpon Street to Beach Street,” Myers told a crowd of patrons gathered on the bar’s deck tonight.

While Myers owns the Shorty’s business entity and the building, it stands on a lot owned by the Maude Ellis Family Trust, he said. He has a three-year lease on the land, and that lease expires in November.

He said his current landlords have been good to Shorty’s and haven’t told him that the property is about to be redeveloped.

The old Castaways property, Myers said, is owned by A.J. Zimmerhanzel, who lives in the Austin area and has a home also in Port Aransas.

Myers said he has worked out a lease agreement with Zimmerhanzel.

Zimmerhanzel attended Myers’ announcement tonight.

Myers is leasing now, and he will be leasing at the bar’s future location. But he feels that the future of Shorty’s will be more secure when it moves, he said.


“I don’t want to get into the details of that, but there are instruments that would allow Shorty’s to become whole,” he said. He declined to elaborate much beyond saying that his new lease “will give Shorty’s a considerably longer time.”

The bar, he said, “would be there for the foreseeable future.”

Myers said he is targeting Nov. 1 as Shorty’s final day in business at its current location. He hopes to have it moved by the end of the year and then have the business up and running again at some point in early 2023.

Myers said he considers Shorty’s to be an important part of Port Aransas history, and he feels a strong responsibility to preserve it.

“This is a special place to me and a special place to a lot of people,” he said. “It represents a piece of old Port Aransas.”

(Watch for more in the April 14 edition of the South Jetty.)

One response to “Owner: Shorty’s will move”

  1. Lawrence J Fox says:

    The new location for Shorty’s is a prime spot but there are plenty of downsides to moving the most famous watering-hole of Port Aransas. Moving the building and changing locations will be the end to ‘Shorty’s’ as we know it. It will never again be the ‘real Shorty’s. It’s over. It’s done. It’s gone. It may as well be renamed to ‘Castaways II’, or ‘Cross-the-Street from the VFW’. Sad.

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