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Place 2
Kelly Owens

Kelly Owens

Kelly Owens, candidate for Place 2 on the Port Aransas City Council has released the following statement.

“Hello, Port Aransas voters! My name is Kelly Owens and I am asking for your vote for City Council, Place 2, on Election Day, Saturday, May 7th.

“I have been coming to Port Aransas for over 50 years and I have been a full- time resident of Port Aransas for almost 37 years. My wife of 33 years, Beth, and I have 3 adult children: Mac (29), Kellie Elizabeth (25) and Kendall (21) who were all born and here in Port Aransas.

“I have served 9 years as a Trustee for Port Aransas Independent School District. During my time on the board, I helped the Port Aransas Independent School District successfully achieve its current ‘legacy of excellence’ that we are all so proud of.

“As one of the largest employers in Port Aransas, I personally recognize it is our employees who make a concerted effort to ensure the success of our businesses as well as providing for their personal livelihoods. This success depends on the leadership, support and motivation that is provided as a business owner. As a council member for the city of Port Aransas, I would expect to see the same level of leadership, support and accountability from our council, our city manager, city staff and all department employees. This can be achieved through open communication, setting clear goals and ensuring accountability from the appropriate departments.

“My experience of owning and managing established restaurants and fishing operations in Port Aransas, has instilled in me the ability to operate within a budget successfully and efficiently. I will apply thoughtful, common sense budgeting that is owed to the residents and taxpayers of Port Aransas.

“In addition to having a vested interest in the success of our community, I am motivated to work together with existing and new board members. As an elected council member, I will perform the duties that I commit to when I take the oath …. I will preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of this state as well as enforcing existing laws and ordinances of Port Aransas.

“I thank all City Council and Mayors current and past, who have worked hard for our town. I am dedicated to preserving the legacy and history of the Port Aransas that we have all fallen in love with. With your vote, I hope to join our council, sharing input and new perspectives. I respectfully ask for your vote.”

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