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Grace, persistence

I first met Charles Bujan in 2016. I was channel surfing … & stumbled across the Port A Mayoral Debate on local TV.

Hells bells … if ya live here … this might be some “Must C-TV” … so I did …

First up was a fella. Next up was a lady. Then Charles Bujan stepped up to the mic & introduced himself.

He spoke with ease … & delivered a balanced vision for PA’s future. I was impressed, so I contacted him to wish him the best – he had my vote.

Then we met & he gave me some signs to put up.

Charles navigated our community thru hurricanes, pandemics & an affordable housing project. He accomplished that & more … with amazing grace, persistence & patience.

Charles Bujan was elected 3 times as mayor for a reason. He stood for principle, & he did his best to stand by his word.

He dearly loved Port Aransas, Texas – USA.

It was an honor to meet him. We were very lucky to have “Charles in Charge” … as he guided us thru some turbulent times!

RIP Sir. Much Respect.

Jeb Onweiler
Port Aransas

More than a destination

Writing a letter to the editor usually takes courage, for the authors thoughts and opinions can be scrutinized by the readership of the publication to be judged and opinioned, in return. Therefore, in writing this letter, I understand the consequences and will choose my words wisely.

It seems here of late, folks including the South Jetty, are questioning the motives and intentions of the newly elected council members.

Almost every edition has had glaring headlines about one or the other of them and recent letters to the editor went so far as to childishly call them “Bozo’s”. Name calling is unacceptable, immature, and an unintelligent use of words. As an early childhood educator for 30 plus years, we instructed children to “use their words” not their hands and the only names allowed were given names – not labels. I guess Mr. Wysocki didn’t get that memo.

As far as our newly elected council members, it takes much courage, time and effort to give of themselves to our community. To make changes in any realm of life is difficult and sometimes very challenging. They were elected by their constituents to make those changes. They won by the majority, which speaks for itself. If the majority reelects any of them, then more power to them!

If you like what has happened in Port Aransas in the past 10 years then you can thank the past city staff, council and mayor. If you don’t like what has happened in Port Aransas in the past 10 years then you can thank the past city staff, council and mayor.

Contrary to popular thought, Port Aransas is not just a “tourist destination” and all that supports. It is an island environment that deserves to be protected for the ecosystem that thrives here. My vote will go toward individuals that support that notion. More is not always better and greed is a scounge in our community and in our world.

Lisa Turcotte
Port Aransas

Beware of dogs

Readers may recall a recent picture in the South Jetty of our little Mini-Schnauzer, Lucy, and myself taking a walk on her twelfth birthday. More recently, not far from where that picture was taken, near where Avenue B intersects Eleventh, Lucy almost lost her life due to a sudden and unprovoked attack by a German Shepard who was on a leash but nevertheless pulled away from her owner, a young man on a bicycle. The big dog picked up Lucy and shook her like a rag doll and Lucy yelped piteously. I tried to intervene but failed, only managing to hit the ground hard and injure myself. The young man did act quickly and pried his dog’s jaws open. He said his dog did this with his other two smaller dogs and was only playing! Lucy has long fur and in my quick inspection showed no damage. It was all over in just a few minutes and, regretfully we did not exchange identifications. We even completed our short walk.

But on more careful examination later we discovered two puncture wounds. Our vet said they were very serious and an X-ray revealed a cracked rib. She has made ten trips to the vet thus far and we are still treating her wounds daily. Thankfully, she is on the road to a full recovery. I am still sore; but at 84 what else would one expect.

The purpose of this letter is beyond just telling Lucy’s story. The young man needs to be aware of the seriousness of his dog’s actions. And in letting the big dog roughhouse with his smaller dogs he is abusing them and training the large dog to think that behavior is all right. Finally, those with small dogs must be on the lookout not only for coyotes but dogs with bicycle riders.

John Thompson
Port Aransas

Good aim

In the South Jetty editorial “Arrow Missed its Mark, (Feb. 24)” I was asked to reply, so I’ll pull back my bow and give it a shot.

At the city council meeting referenced in the editorial, a path to completing a permanent Public Safety building for the first time since Harvey became reality. Collaborative efforts from the city staff, council, and other stakeholders made this possible. That change ‘hits the mark’ and affects every woman, man and child in our town.

And at the same meeting, the council ‘hit the mark’ with a final reading on a noise ordinance aimed at improving the quality of life for all residents initially proposed at our STR workshop.

At the same meeting, the council ‘hit the mark’ giving final approval to a $22M repair of our gas systems, also damaged during Harvey four long years ago.

At the same meeting, the council ‘hit the mark’ and gave final approval to a $5M project for repairs to items such as the Turnbull BoardWalk.

And at the same meeting council discussed purchase of defibrillator and ventilator units that may help save lives of residents and visitors to our city. Those will definitely ‘hit the mark’ sometime in the near future.

But of all the actions at that council meeting, the editorial focused on the one that has the least impact on the lives of average citizens. Simply put, it’s rarely appropriate and never wise to discuss personnel decisions publicly.

The record above indicates good aim indeed by the council.


Dave Sieloff
Port Aransas

(Editor’s note: David Sieloff is a member of the Port Aransas City Council.)

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