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STR cycle

Subject: A fable for our times. Over the Easter holiday I overheard a couple talking about buying a second home in Port Aransas and renting the property until they retired full time. It reminded me of an old fable. It goes something like this. So, a tourist comes to town and says I love it here and we should retire at the beach… and they meet a realtor… who says the market is hot, but you can afford a home if you rent it while you’re not here and pay it off before you retire… and the tourist says I can’t manage a rental property…. realtor says don’t worry I know someone that can help manage the property and the tourist buys the house assured that the rental income will offset the price… the realtor brags to a developer how good business is and wishes the island was bigger… the developer says I can make the island bigger… realtor says how… developer says by the magic of division, I can make one house into six or even nine… realtor says great that would really be good for business… meanwhile the tourist is ready to retire and moves to PA only to find out they live next door to a bunch of noisy STRs and calls the realtor… realtor says great to hear from you… so you want to sell… the now retired tourist says yes and the realtor says great… I can help… I know a tourist…

Don Carroll, Port Aransas

Do they measure up?

As many of you know, we have an important election coming up. Early voting is right around the corner.

Please research the all the candidates experience. Perhaps, ask them what Port A. boards, commissions, or previous council experience they have, and what they have done on a volunteer basis for our community that we may not be aware of.

Quiz them on their knowledge of our community. Whether or not they are longterm residents, or new to PA, it is imperative they understand how our town functions.

See if they measure up to your expectations of being prepared for the job, or are merely running because they don’t like what’s happening to our town.

Longitudinal knowledge of our town is imperative, (what happened before, what’s going on now, and specifically, what should happen in the future.) We need competent representatives, who are well prepared to wrangle complicated issues.

Betsy A. Churgai, Port Aransas

Inform yourself

Hi Neighbors, are you planning to vote in the coming election? If not, is it because you are tired of following the drama that seems to surround the city council these days? Do you think you don’t quite understand the issues? Do you feel your vote doesn’t really matter because others you know feel as you do, and they will probably vote? All these reasons are real ones and are shared by so many in our town. If you are planning to vote– now, more than ever, as our town blooms with new development, your vote is critical to keeping our “Port A culture” intact. Some candidates are smiling at us all over town from billboards, some candidates are very well spoken, some candidates have a lot of heart but little money, and, therefore, not much public exposure. All the candidates are truly interested in the direction our town will take in the near future, and far into the future. Which candidates are committed to responsible development? We can’t stop growth. What kind of growth do they foresee? Port A’s future depends on which of these leaders we elect.

If you love having the beach and gulf as a “backyard”, you owe it to yourself to find out where each candidate stands on environmental issues. If you love living in a quiet “local” neighborhood, look around and ask yourself what kind of development makes sense going forward. If you are struggling to stay in your home or apartment due to increasing costs, which candidates understand your struggles? The South Jetty is a valuable place to start. City Council meetings and Candidates Night videos are on You Tube. It’s painless. Take a look, feel informed, vote!

Tina Neumann, Port Aransas

Two points . . .

There were 2 fundamental points needing clarification from the April 21 South Jetty article (Council to discuss Adams…). The City Charter has no prohibition against any “Candidate” coming by City Hall for a discussion. Several have. The development Services department (and I) have come under repeated criticism as of late. That goes with the territory however, the development services staff is a dedicated and hard-working group doing a thankless job. They do not deserve this public disparagement. If someone has a problem with me, “bring it on”, but leave my staff out of it. Many citizens, builders, developers have no problem walking through our “always open” door where we have civil discussions and work to resolve issues. I invite anyone to do the same.

Second, City Council and City Attorney chose to put my issue on the agenda prompting the S Jetty to reach out to me for the story. If the “timing is suspect” it should be taken up taken up with the Council. I do agree it was pretty stupid right before an election! My allegations are clear and factual and were made immediately after the incident occurred. I don’t control the timing of such things but will address them as I feel necessary.

Rick Adams, Assistant City Manager
Development Services

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