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More, please

Mary, it’s hard to imagine the South Jetty without you and Murray at the helm! In my mind, you two are synonymous with the South Jetty. Under your leadership and guidance, the newspaper is consistently thorough, fair, fascinating, and relevant. You have surrounded yourself with talented people, and it speaks highly of you that those people have stayed with the paper for years. (E.g., what a great idea to ask Chief Burroughs to write a weekly column!)

Dan Parker has proven himself to be talented, smart, and objective, and I just like the guy. He’s clearly invested in Port Aransas and in the South Jetty. He’ll be an excellent editor. Kelli Hartig’s contributions are more behind the scene, as Murray’s have been, but I have confidence that you’ve chosen wisely in entrusting the responsibilities of general manager to her.

At the same time, I’m going to miss you and your weekly column! It’s always one of my don’t-miss parts of the paper. Do you think you might occasionally write something for the paper? May I respectfully suggest that you do? Not all the time, of course. You’ve earned your retirement, and I hope it’s wonderful! But maybe once every few months you might let us know what you and Murray have been up to.

In any case, thank you for 41 years of a great newspaper. I wish you well!

Lucky McKeen
Port Aransas and Fife Lake, Mich.

Editor’s note: While co-publisher Mary Judson recently handed off the title of editor to South Jetty staffer Dan Parker, she will continue to write a few columns each month for the South Jetty.

Love your work

Mary, as a regular reader of the South Jetty Paper I would like to say thanks for producing a fine publication that presents a variety of topics from all angles and perspectives.

I always enjoy your column as it is the first thing I read when a new edition comes out. Smart move to begin a transition plan when you have good people in place. You and Murray have much to be proud of over the past forty years and I hope you continue to write the column and share your unique perspective of the coming and goings in Port A and the world. Taking time to step back, smell the roses and count our blessings is in my opinion something well worth while.

Be well and I look forward to future columns.

Frank Resta
Austin and Port Aransas

Gratitude and concerns

Two things.

One, Mary and Murray, I can totally understand why you would like to pass along the legacy of your leadership of the Jetty. I’m your vintage, and I know we’re getting “up there.” You have had a great farm team in Dan and Kelli, and p.s. congratulations for even having a farm team. I assume they will pursue the even-handedness you have used to great effect, i.e. not alienating your advertisers, seeing all sides and by these methods maintaining the trust of the entire community. I have wished for you to be more fierce on certain issues but honestly, I understand why you weren’t. You kept the paper going for the benefit of all of us and I’m the first to be grateful.

Two, recently on a week night I tried to dine with three lady friends and the wait times at restaurants were obscene. There are too many people in P.A. this summer for the infrastructure. As an old timer, this worries me. The other thing that worries me is the utter gentrification of the harbor. Not to have a good way for regular human beings to reach the docks flies in the face of a democratic place to vacation. If ever there were a place to vacation for all, not just rich people, P.A. is it. Yet we are developing our way and spending our way and building our way out of the market. It is a manifestation of the larger corruption of our country wherein the minority excludes the majority. It’s just not right.

Thank you for all you do to uphold the First Amendment and keep transparency alive in Port Aransas.

Taddy McAllister
Port Aransas

Water woes

There have been a lot of quotes by city and county officials about water issues. Nobody wants to be the bad guy and tell the truth about the relationship between water, or lack thereof, and freewheeling development.

Marty Stroman
Port Aransas

Don’t dredge

Stop the dredging now!

The oil crazy people in this world think they can go any where, do any thing to an area And the people living there just have to take it no matter what it does to the structure of the whole area?

Well that is not true. When you dug down to 56 feet you already have killed millions of small animals and plants that made Port Aransas special. All those little items fed the baby fish as they were born, fed the birds as they were hungry so the birds will leave the area and the baby fish and all unknown critters started life there. Not any more. Fishermen will won’t come unless they like fighting the heavy waves those 12 foot waves the very large crude carriers make!

And we don’t know what drastic changes it will make all the beaches.

Don’t forget if the USA goes to war with any one, we will be the first air strike the enemy hits. We will be number one on his list already.

Think about all this. Stop them now. Keep Port Aransas like it is now. Do not let them dig to 80 feet. It will be the death of this glorious little town.

Betty Crawford
Port Aransas

Editor’s note: Readers who want background on the Port of Corpus Christi’s proposal to dredge the ship channel in Port Aransas significantly deeper should look to several recent editions of the South Jetty, with the June 23 issue containing one of the more comprehensive stories.

Meals message

Due to hardships created by Hurricane Harvey and Covid-19, Port Aransas ISD (PAISD) has been allowed to offer breakfast and lunch to all enrolled students at no charge for a four-year cycle under the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP). Beginning with the 2022-2023 school year the PAISD Department of Food Services will return to the system of collecting household applications to administer the free or reduced-priced meals.

This means that households must meet eligibility requirements for child to receive free or reduced-priced meals. I want all parents and guardians to be aware that an application process will be available for each household. The South Jetty will have a news story with further information about the process later in this edition.

PAISD food service will continue to offer a healthy breakfast and lunch to all students during the school day. We are so excited to see all the kids back in school next week.

If you have any questions related to Food Services at Port Aransas ISD, please contact Renee Hillis, Director of Food Services at 361-749-1200 or hillis@paisd.net. PAISD is an equal opportunity provider.

Carol Sue Hipp

Editor’s note: Carol Sue Hipp is the executive director of business operations at Port Aransas ISD.

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