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What is the Army Corps of Engineers afraid of? Obviously, public opposition to the Port Of Corpus Christi’s attempt to further deepen the Corpus Christi Ship Channel. Or else, they are so unfamiliar with this area that they don’t realize that their June 22 Information Open House and Public Hearing requires a mere 60 mile round trip through a construction war zone to enemy territory at the Port of Corpus Christi’s Headquarters. (There are trolls under that bridge, don’t you know?)

This scheduled venue shows a real lack of understanding, or concern, for those who would be most impacted by this proposed project. Let the Army Corps of Engineers know that we have a Civic Center in Port Aransas and that they can, and should, have a real public hearing right here.

Tell them your opinion by sending emails to SWG201900067@usace.army.mil or phoning (409) 766-3108 or sending letters to: Regulatory Division, Policy Analysis Branch, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 2000 Fort Point, Galveston, Texas, 77550.

Luke Dailey
Port Aransas

Runaway development

The code books contain a statement of the official purposes of zoning, codes, regulations and ordinances. It starts by saying they are made in accordance with a Comprehensive Master Plan. The purpose of this letter is to declare that during the last 10 years, and particularly after Harvey, there has been no guidance from a Comprehensive Master Plan. The only visible “plan” was “Totally Uninhibited Development“. The Town, the Essence of the Town, our Heritage, the Community, the Neighborhoods, the Residents were not the priority. The Gold Rush was the priority. OK. I am claiming that there has been 10 years worth of development crammed into the years since Harvey. Unwisely. Foolishly. Regrettably. At a fraction of the pace of development there would have been plenty for everybody. Growth would have been productive and sustainable. The infrastructure would have been established and paid for. The future would have been planned for. Port Aransas could have continued to be a very special place. Instead, we are now an amusement park disguised as a Top Rate International Beach Resort. We managed to snatch mediocrity from the jaws of excellence.

“Ok. What’s your point?” After a brief period during which the City Council had a voting majority who set out to make corrections to this situation, the voting majority has now reverted back to the same group of people who promoted the runaway development that is steadily stamping out the spirit of this once graceful old city. We are back to normal now. Business as usual. Moore of the same. Full speed ahead. As the South Jetty Newspaper reminded us “Construction Red-hot.”

I’m not complaining. Just pointing out some embarrassing realities. And yeah, I know who did nothing and just stood by and watched it happen. Shame on me.

Barney Farley
Port Aransas

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  1. erinn says:

    Luke makes a very good point, I’m sure they don’t want people to come and speak out.

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