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Welcome fresh eyes

On the eve of Election Day, I found myself thinking about all the wonderful people who are running to represent our growing community. Without knowing the outcome, I wanted to voice my thoughts on how we can come together as a community regardless of who is sitting behind the council chambers.

We are all in the same boat, and at the end of the day we are one big happy family. Whether your choice made it or not, we have to all come together and be more involved.

I watch many meetings via YouTube and personally respect everyone (on some level or another). At the end of the day, we may not all see eye to eye, but we know what’s best for our little town … our growing city. No matter the outcome, we have to stay open to the fact that this island is booming and is desirable and find that happy medium with locals and tourists alike.

To whomever wins the race tomorrow, you have my support as someone who knows and loves so many that call port Aransas home. Let’s welcome a new agenda and fresh eyes to where we call home. We deserve the best and the best is sure to be appointed. Let’s not forget we are port a strong!

Hope Love
Port Aransas

Green enough?

Has anyone evaluated whether the new Texan gas station/convenience store has provided plans that show they follow the “green space” rules and regulations?

Homeowners and business owners are supposed to have trees/shrubs (with varying point values) that summate to 20% of the total square footage of the property. Additionally, if the property is on one of the main corridors, such as HWY 361, the vegetation must be visible from that road (not hidden in the back of the property).

Thanks for anyone who can shed light on this situation. If building on every piece of land is to be continued, at least the city can try to make it more bearable aesthetically by enforcing the code for green space and mitigating water runoff. If not, then we look just like every other dumpy city with lots of concrete and little to no imagination as to what beauty looks like.

Bob Conces
Port Aransas

Save what’s left

It is so sad to see Port Aransas being destroyed, right before our eyes and day after day. Building short term rentals weekly, squeezing homes on top of homes, tearing down Old History to put in new overpriced real estate.

As a lifelong resident of Nueces County and long term visitor to Port Aransas, Texas it saddens me. My family has enjoyed the island for over 70 years, making great memories and enjoying the culture and uniqueness of the island. Now I see it all being destroyed and continuing with no end in sight.

How can any average income individual afford to live or think of buying real estate in Port Aransas at this point. How much more building can the City take and when does it stop? The current infrastructure can not sustain this nor can the basic utilities. It is so disheartening to see a City with such charm and originality being destroyed, sold out and over developed.

As a lifelong Texan, we have a common knowledge of being respectful and minding our manners as a visitor in anyone’s homes. Where did that respect go in Port Aransas. The respect for the history, locals and the island community seems to also have been sold out to the highest bidder. So hard to sit back and see a cool quirky town being taken down with no respect, big money, short term rentals and no end in sight.

Please stop the over development and save what is left of the Old Port Aransas, that is what most of us Texans love about it. Keep the “Old in Port A”.

J.L. Norrell
Corpus Christi and Port Aransas

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