Olsen holds science fair

The H.G. Olsen Elementary School held a science fair Thursday, Nov. 19 to showcase the experimental findings of 33 fourth- and 35 fifth-grade students.

The science fair was funded by a grant from the Port Aransas Education Foundation and the director’s office at The University of Texas

Marine Science Institute (UTMSI).

Nineteen people, mostly from UTMSI, judged the fair.

The fourth-grade winners were:

• First Place: Kyle Davis

• Second Place: Riley Sanders

• Third Place: Brady Bepko

The fifth-grade winners were:

• First Place: McKennah Bacon

• Second Place: Breydon Guevara

• Third Place: Eli Derkits

Graduate students from UTMSI helped students as they worked on their science projects.

The science fair was made up of posters created by each student, displaying the individual science projects they took on.

“There were some amazing poster presentations,” said Ken Dunton, a research scientist from UTMSI. “Kids came up with great ideas on their own.”

Student science projects ranged from an experiment in electromagnetism to tide measurements.

One student’s experiment analyzed human memory. The student wrote down various facts on flash cards with different colors of ink. The question in that experiment was whether people could remember the facts better if they were written in certain colors.

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