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Wendy Moore

Wendy Moore

Wendy Moore, candidate for mayor of Port Aransas, has released the following statement.

“I am Wendy Moore, and I am running for the office of Mayor of Port Aransas.

“As a fifth-generation resident of Port Aransas I am very proud to be able to live and work in this community where I was born and raised. My husband and I graduated from Port Aransas High School and we have two wonderful children, who are also products of PAISD. Marlin Pride runs very deep in our family!

“It was my honor and privilege to serve on City Council from May 2015 to May 2021. During that time, I gained the experience and knowledge of what it takes to serve the Port Aransas community as a strong city leader. While on council, I served as Mayor Pro-Tem and was honored to support Mayor Bujan and the various City Council members during some of Port Aransas’ most trying times.

“In addition to serving on City Council I have held leadership positions on numerous local boards and organizations for many years, including the Port Aransas Education Foundation, Planning & Zoning, Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Board, UTMSI Advisory Council, Trinity by the Sea Episcopal Church, “New Day Port A” Hurricane Harvey Recovery team, and others. I have worked for American Bank for over 20 years as a lending officer and I currently serve as the President of the Port Aransas branch. What I love most about my job is that I get to help all types of people achieve their goals of running a business or owning a home in Port Aransas.

“The opportunities available for our citizens compared to when I was growing up are so much better. Our schools and our community have continued to grow and improve. We have wonderful community parks, beaches, nature preserve and birding facilities, world class fishing and so much more. Our hotels, restaurants, bars, and merchants are thriving and almost all are locally owned and operated which allows Port Aransas to keep our economy strong throughout the entire year. This same group helps to support our fabulous non-profit organizations and institutions that not only host events and fundraisers that entertain us, but also give back to the community in a way that truly makes a difference. Without the support of many full-time residents, second homeowners and even tourists, none of those things would have been possible over the past few decades.

“I understand that Port Aransas has had unprecedented growth in the past few years that has caused some major growing pains. Hurricane Harvey had a significant impact on this community and while much of the town has recovered, many of our public facilities and infrastructure have not due to the difficult and tedious process of dealing with FEMA. After what will be a one-year break from council at election time, I am anxious to get back to work to lead Port Aransas into the future. There are ways to address the growth-related issues and my experience and knowledge of city ordinances will be help lead this charge expeditiously.

“I ask for the opportunity to serve as your Mayor and help lead this community through the recovery, rebuilding, and balanced and sustainable growth that will allow Port Aransas to regain its status as a charming coastal community. We need to make sure we have a town where the full-time residents can enjoy living, working, and playing alongside the part time residents and tourists that support our local economy and tax base. Port Aransas is a special place, and it is my goal to help preserve and protect it for many generations to come so it is enjoyable for everyone.

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