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Shelley Smith poses this morning (Saturday, Aug. 13) for a photo with her dog, Siya. Dog and owner were reunited last night after Siya had been lost for more than seven days in Port Aransas. (South Jetty staff photo by Dan Parker, © 2022.)

By Dan Parker


The saga of Siya has ended on a happy note.

The lost yellow Labrador retriever was found late last night (Friday, Aug. 12), more than seven days after the dog became lost. News that the dog was missing sparked a search that involved dozens of folks around Port Aransas and led several vehicles to get stuck in the mud at the town’s nature preserve. (A related story is in the Aug. 11 edition of the South Jetty.)

Siya had “torn-up” foot pads, and she was dotted with burrs, ticks and flecks of mud when she turned up, but she otherwise was in good health, said her owner, Shelley Smith, who had been visiting from the Dallas area when the pooch got lost.

Smith and her family had been staying in the 500 block of West Avenue C when Siya got loose. Folks at a house in the 600 block of East Avenue C found the dog on their property late last night.

Siya was found only about half a mile from where she disappeared, but it seems likely that she traveled a lot further than that over the course of more than seven days of wandering around. Smith said the dog’s injured foot pads probably are evidence that she did a lot of walking and running.

Now Siya is back with Smith, safe and sound. Smith said she plans to pay the finder a reward and emphasized that she is grateful to the many people in Port Aransas who helped search for the dog.

“I’m trying to figure out what I can do to thank this community,” said Smith, who personally spent dozens of hours searching also.

Searchers included four people with drones, two folks who scoured the Charlie’s Pasture shoreline with a boat and many others who went out on foot and in vehicles to help out after word that Siya was lost appeared in an Aug. 11 South Jetty story and on social media.

(Watch for more on in the Aug. 18 South Jetty.)

One response to “Lost dog found after big search”

  1. Richard4189 says:

    Very good news! I lost my Greyhound once and it was actually devastating and she was only gone 1 day before found 5 miles from my home. Both owner & per were overjoyed to be reunited.
    I cannot imagine a separation for a full week.
    Much happiness to Shelley, Siya, and their family.

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