Klepperich seeks election

Place 4
Gary Klepperich

Gary Klepperich

Gary Klepperich, candidate for Place 4 on the Port Aransas City Council, has released the following statement regarding his candidacy.

“My name is Gary Klepperich and I am running for the Port Aransas City Council, Place 4. I am a graduate of St. Cloud State University, with a Bachelor’s in criminal justice/Pre-Law and a former active-duty United States Marine. I have been a full-time resident of Port Aransas for over five years. Christopher and I had been coming to Port A. for many years and totally fell in love with the small, charming, beach town feel and chose to move here permanently. It is that love for Port Aransas, and its people, that I am running for City Council. I feel it is important to preserve the charm of Port Aransas.

“I have been a Professional Community Manager for over twenty years, with a wealth of experience in working with Homeowners and Cities to protect and enhance, not just property values, but also the quality of life. I am a member of a national education and accreditation organization, Community Associations Institute (CAI), where I have several advanced certifications in Professional Community Management. Through CAI, I work on the national level with the best minds in the industry, drawing from a huge wealth of knowledge. As the Executive Director of the Padre Isles Property Owners Association, I work closely with a Board of Directors and with the City of Corpus Christi to facilitate the best possible quality of services for the residents of the island and to advocate for the best interests of those residents. I believe my knowledge and experience, integrity, and dedication will be a real asset to the Port Aransas Community.

“I am particularly concerned with the short-term rentals on our island. As a resident, I feel that we are in an unhealthy position. There are far more rentals available than what our community’s infrastructure and amenities can provide. Development that promotes more short-term rentals continues at a feverish pace, while we, the full-time residents of Port A. suffer the consequences of losing our quality of life. I believe there can be a balance, where residents and visitors can enjoy what Port Aransas has to offer and where our local business can flourish. I would like to work for the people of Port Aransas to find that balance through deliberate, responsible development and firm, equitable regulation. I know, together, we can come up with a plan to preserve what made Port Aransas a great place to live while keeping Port A. a ‘must go to’ destination to visit.

“I would also like to see more focus on our environment. I would like to see Port Aransas promote the planting of more trees, become a true golfcart community, and facilitate better protection to our beaches and dunes. I don’t want to see Port Aransas decline into an over-developed South Padre or an over-industrialized Galveston. I am dismayed by the amount of trash left behind on our beaches and in the dunes. Countless dollars and even more countless volunteer hours go into keeping our beaches clean and I think something needs to be done to help prevent a lot of the littering and trash dumping. The continued efforts to privatize sections of our beach needs to be addressed. Whether it is a resort community and their chair/umbrella set-ups or RVs setting up large compound encampments, the beach is for everyone and shouldn’t be allowed to be monopolized.

“With all its complexities as both a city and an island, Port Aransas needs a team of dedicated, level-headed people on the Council to objectively and cohesively lead it. Port Aransas needs a team that can cut through the crap of self-interests, get dirty up to their elbows, and work together to selflessly service this community. I believe that I am one of those team members. A vote for me is a vote for representing the needs of the people and the small businesses of Port Aransas.”

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