I’m a Christmas chocoholic

Chief Concerns

Scott Burroughs is the chief of the Port Aransas Police Department.

Scott Burroughs is the chief of the Port Aransas Police Department.

The first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem. So here I am with my annual confession… I am a chocoholic.

I try to be good, I really do, but I know that I am a chocoholic and I always cave to my addiction. If they had support groups for people like me, maybe something like chocoholics anonymous, I would have to start each meeting by saying “Hi, my name is Scott. I am a chocoholic and have not had any chocolate for about 30 minutes.” Well, that is probably not true, because I don’t really want to quit so I probably would not be going to any meetings.

I know that I need to cut back my glucose intake. When I go in for my annual physical Doc always tells me that the only thing higher than my BMI (body mass index) is my blood sugar. It is a polite way of telling me that not only am I a diabetic, but I am too fat also.

Doc eventually had to issue a restraining order that forbids me from going within 250 feet of Winton’s. Technically, I am not even supposed to drive in the 500 block of Alister at all.

Fortunately, the restraining order does not prohibit the delivery of chocolate to the police station, so there are always stashes of chocolate at work. In addition, there is a steady stream of local citizens and business owners that show their appreciation by bringing treats to the police department just about every week. During the Christmas season, it seems they come by every day. (We are grateful for your thoughtfulness, and I am definitely not complaining.)

It does not get any better at home; Shirlene loves to bake, and when in dire need of a chocolate fix, I know where she hides the semi-sweet chocolate chips. I have been known to grab a handful right out of the bag to thwart the DT’s.

The Christmas season is the worst (best?) time of the year for us chocoholics. The tastiest Christmas treats are the homemade ones. Being from the midwest, my trophy wife just can’t stay away from the oven around the holidays, baking is a family tradition for her. One of my favorites is fudge using the recipe on the Eagle Brand can. My dad used to make it when we were kids, and there is something about that recipe that takes me back to my childhood. I also love haystacks. I am not sure if they are a Midwest tradition, but I never had them until I met my spousal unit. Thick clumps of dark chocolate filled with coconut. Of course, no Christmas Eve would be complete without homemade chocolate chip cookies washed down with a glass of eggnog, it’s a Santa favorite. We leave cookies and eggnog for him every year and when we get up there is nothing left but a few crumbs. I think we share the same addiction (and pant size.)

Well you know how the saying goes….”A waist is a terrible thing to mind”; especially when you are a chocoholic.

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