Finding shade

Staff photo by Lee Harrison

Staff photo by Lee Harrison

John Varsho, left, and Ronnie Cieszynski, both of Ronnie’s Repair, remove a tarp from a shade structure on the grounds of the Back Porch bar on Cotter Avenue on Tuesday, March 1. to put up in a play area at Trinity Day School in Port Aransas. The school had been wanting shade tarps for a while. After getting bids, the school found that such a structure would cost about $40,000 plus shipping and installation that could have added another $10,000 to $20,000 to the bill. Jillian Gainey, a Trinity school board member, said she knew that the Back Porch and the next-door Woody’s Sports Center were scheduled to be torn down soon to make way for a new development, so she checked with Will Cocke, spokesman for Fisherman’s Wharf Holding, LLC, the property owner. An agreement was made for the tarps and their steel supports to be donated, she said. At press time, preparations were being made to install the structures at the school.

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