Council run-off June 28

June 28 will be the date of the run-off election to pick a candidate to fill Port Aransas City Council Place 6, the council decided on Tuesday, May 24.

Dale T. Christianson and Edwin Myers are the candidates.

Early voting will be June 16 to 17 and June 21 to 24, according to Port Aransas City Secretary Francisca Nixon.

A run-off is required because no single candidate received enough votes to win the seat in the May 7 election.

State election law says that a run-off election must be held if no single candidate receives more than 50 percent of the vote, plus one more vote.

Christianson and Myers were the top two vote-getters.

Christianson pulled in 320 votes, or 24.24 percent.

Myers got 302 votes, or 22.8 percent.

Paul Ruff received 270, or 20.45 percent.

Leslie Smith got 226 votes, or 17.12 percent.

Carl “Corky” Moore garnered 202, or 15.30 percent.

Place 6 currently is held by Joan Holt. She couldn’t run again for the seat because of term limits. She is about to finish her third consecutive term.

Council terms last two years. They are unpaid positions.

The council voted 7-0 to establish June 28 as the run-off election date. It was one of the first votes the council made after oaths of office were taken by Kelly Owens (for Place 2), Tanya Chambers (for Place 4) and Wendy Moore (for mayor).

In the May 7 election, Owens defeated Tina Mott; Chambers beat Gary Klepperich; and Moore topped Marty Phalen and Gregory Chittum.

The council met on May 18 and approved a resolution canvassing the returns and declaring the results of the May 7 election.

Council members Bruce Clark and Joan Holt voted yes. The rest of the council – David Sieloff, Jo Ellyn Krueger, Tim Parke and Mott – were absent.

But the canvassing vote went forward anyway. Nixon said the Election Code allows for as few as two council members to be present for the canvass resolution to be approved.

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