City selling 2023 beach parking permits, golf cart license platesFree Access

Kathryn Cargo


The City of Port Aransas has started selling 2023 golf cart license plates and beach parking permits.

The Port Aransas Police Department will start enforcing the city requirements for 2023 beach parking permits and golf cart license plates Jan. 10, giving residents and visitors a 10-day grace period, said Police Chief Scott Burroughs.

In late November, the police department stopped enforcing requirements for permits and cart license plates because the city stopped selling them for 2022 at that time.

Beach permits cost $12 and can be bought at City Hall as well as at local stores, said Darla Honea, city finance director.

Golf cart license plates also can be purchased at City Hall and cost $50 with a Port Aransas driver’s license and $100 otherwise. Vanity plates cost an extra $20.

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