Boats to sail through jetties

Harvest Moon Regatta

Folks on the jetties will be able to watch as a multitude of sailboats race for the finish line in the 36th annual Harvest Moon Regatta.

As of press time, more than 100 boats had been entered in the annual race, which starts on Thursday, Oct. 26, in Galveston and ends in Port Aransas.

Sailboats will launch in Galveston at 2 p.m. and follow the Texas coastline to officially end in Port Aransas by 1 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 28.

Arrival times will depend on the weather conditions, said race organizers.

They said that boats could begin arriving as early as late Thursday night, or very early Friday morning, all the way to Friday evening and Saturday morning.

Two Port Aransans will be participating as crew members aboard the Love Song. Bill Strieber and James Derkits, rector at Trinity-by-the- Sea Episcopal Church, will help crew in the open-water race.

Participants will take part in a Welcome Sailor Rum Party at the Fred Rhodes Memorial Pavilion at Roberts Point Park on Saturday afternoon. A dinner for all contestants followed by an awards ceremony will take place in the evening.

The race can be followed online by tracking the locations of the boats at

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