Allocation to city stays in double digits

From sales made in February 2022

From sales made in February 2022

Monthly sales tax allocations to Port Aransas and cities across the region continued their climb in February, resulting in double digit increases to many cities.

Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar sent cities, counties, transit systems and special purpose taxing districts $866.5 million in local sales tax allocations for April, a 27.9 percent increase over April 2021. These allocations are based on sales made in February by businesses that report tax monthly and are returned to taxing entities in April.

Port Aransas reported an increase in its allocation of 17.09 percent for the reporting period, and a 19.78 percent increase for the year to date (November through April sales).

Of the cities tracked by the South Jetty, only Ingleside continues to report lagging allocations, although the amount of disparity between this year and last year appears to be narrowing.

“State sales tax collections reached a new high, with exceptionally strong growth evident across all major economic sectors,” Hegar said.

“Surging consumer spending as the omicron wave (of COVID-19) recedes — supported by strong employment and wage growth and savings accumulated during the pandemic — spurred double-digit growth in receipts from almost all retail segments,” he said.

Hegar reported that, statewide, receipts from segments stimulated by pandemic spending patterns, including online general merchandisers and home improvement, furniture and sporting goods stores, “continue to exhibit very strong growth, while receipts from clothing and accessories stores and electronics and appliance stores, segments depressed by the pandemic, continue to rebound.”

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