2017-09-07 / Front Page

Beach curfew set

A nighttime curfew has been instituted on the beach, according to an announcement made today by Port Aransas Mayor Charles Bujan.

No one will be allowed on the city’s beaches from 8:30 p.m. to 7 a.m., Bujan said.

A certain amount of partying has been happening on the beach at night lately, but police don’t have time right now to monitor that kind of thing, Bujan said.

A lot of extra police are in town to help deal with the Hurricane Harvey aftermath, but they need to devote their attention to protecting non-beach areas of Port Aransas, not dealing with parties, the mayor said.

No end date has been established for the beach curfew.

The city’s beaches extend from the area of Lantana Drive south to approximately Mile Marker 62.

The curfew doesn’t affect Nueces County’s I.B. Magee Jr. Beach Park, which lies between the south jetty and Lantana Drive.

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