2017-08-10 / Opinion

Money doesn’t equal class

Mary Henkel Judson

If it is written that money equals class, I’ve never seen it.

But I have seen people with plenty of money behave with no class at all.

I’ve seen more instances of people with little to no money behave beautifully.

So, I was speechless when a gentleman I didn’t know told me that he might have to stop frequenting the condominium where he and his wife were staying because “they’re getting a lot of middle and low income people.”

That told me two things.

First, he has no class, no background and no breeding.

Second, he wanted me to know that he is in the upper income bracket.

He was a textbook case of money with no class. And he’s worried about middle and low income people?

Fortunately, I do not know this man, nor do I care to know him. As it is, I know too much about him, and I don’t like what I know.

My only regret about that encounter is that I couldn’t come up with a response that might have educated him as to the error of his ways without getting into an outright brawl. Quick retorts and brawling are not my strong suits.

Judging a person’s character by his or her bank balance or appearance is not only wrong, it’s foolish if not just plain stupid. It’s a reflection of the insecurity and shallowness of the individual doing the judging.

Affording hauté couture clothing, fancy houses and second homes, status-symbol vehicles, expensive vacations and rich-boytoys do not make a person morally sound, strong of character or possessed of good will. It doesn’t necessarily make them smart, either. It just makes them rich, and those riches can be used for good or evil – or maybe just self-indulgence.

People like the man who assumed the reason his fellow guests at the condominium were not to his liking was because of their income level make me, well . . . they kind of make me sick.

Mary Henkel Judson is editor and co-publisher of the South Jetty. Contact her at editor@portasouthjetty.com, (361) 749-5131 or P.O. Box 1117, Port Aransas, TX 78373.

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