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PAISD teachers to receive stipend

Zach Perkins

Carol Sue Hipp Carol Sue Hipp Port Aransas ISD trustees approved a one-time stipend of $250 for all permanent employees for this upcoming school year.

They also heard a proposed budget from Carol Sue Hipp, executive director of business and operations at PAISD, at a regular board meeting on Monday, Aug. 7.

Projected budget

Hipp expects the budget to be at $6,842,167 after a salary pay scale change, general operating costs and food services.

The official budget will be decided on Thursday, Aug. 31, at a special board meeting. The meeting will be open to the public. The meeting will be held at 6 p.m. at the PAISD administration building, 100 S. Station St.

The tax rate is expected to remain the same, at $1.0118 per $100 valuation, Hipp said.

That does not mean taxes will stay the same. Taxes can still increase depending on property value.

The $6,842,167 budget would be $27,103 more than last year’s mark.

The increase is mainly due to the new salary scale that increases teachers’ salaries by an average of $764 per year.

The board believes this will keep the district competitive during the hiring process, as well as being able to retain its teachers.

The salary increase that was selected was one of two options discussed at a July regular board meeting. The one selected by school officials to balance the budget was the lesser of the two.

First-year teachers would potentially start at $40,300 rather than $40,000 if the budget is approved.

In the other option, teachers would start at a salary of $42,500.

The payroll will account for $4,797,622 of Hipp’s projected budget. That number is down $35,382 from last year.


PAISD will be losing $379,995 from its budget due to the repeal of the Additional State Aid for Tax Reduction (ASATR). But, the district is able to make up a good chunk of that money from a bond issue that was approved in May, Hipp said. PAISD will use $200,000 in bond money in place of the ASATR funds. Other savings will include locking into a lower electricity rate.


Port Aransas, under state law, is deemed a property rich school district, so it is required to give a percentage of its property tax revenue to the state for distribution to poorer districts. It’s called “Chapter 41 recapture.” ture.”

The Chapter 41 recapture is projected to increase in 2017-2018. For 2016-2017, PAISD sent more than $18 million to the state. Some 81 cents of each dollar was sent out of the district.

The rate is expected to increase to 84.17 percent this year. Therefore, Hipp projects the district will write a check for $19,790,656 and send it to Austin.


Hipp feels optimistic after House Bill 21 was passed on Friday, Aug. 4, by the Texas House during a special Legislative Session.

“It could put some money in our pockets in the future,” Hipp said.

The bill would not be placed into effect until the 2019 school year if it passes.

House Bill 21 would put $1.8 billion into struggling small and rural schools, and would help finance all schools in Texas.

The bill would increase statewide funding from $5,140 per student to $5,350.

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