2017-07-13 / Front Page

New South Jetty is out

July 13 edition hitting news stands now

You can see full results of the 82nd Deep Sea Roundup and lots of photos shot at the Port Aransas fishing tournament if you pick up the July 13 edition of the South Jetty, being delivered to newsstands all over town right now.

Also in this edition, you’ll see:

• Why, for many folks, the Roundup long has been a family affair;

• When the next new ferry is expected to arrive in Port Aransas, and when the state expects to start work on new stacking lanes construction;

• A cute photo of a jack rabbit in a Port Aransas yard;

• News about the annual Outboard Fishing Tournament that’s scheduled for Friday through Sunday, July 14 to 16;

• What some Port Aransas merchants have to say about the July 4 holiday period;

• What Port Aransas police say they do to protect themselves when situations get violent;

• Which high-ranking state official is scheduled to speak at a big birthday bash for Port Aransan Tony Amos (the event is a fundraiser for the Amos Rehabilitation Keep)

• Just how big some of the stingrays are that are being hooked by anglers in Port Aransas waters;

• And details of a national honor that the VFW in Port Aransas recently received;

You also can check out a photo essay on Piggy Perch Contest that was part of the Deep Sea Roundup.

These and other stories are in the July 13 edition of the South Jetty, the most complete and accurate source of information for all things Port Aransas.

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