2017-05-18 / Front Page

New South Jetty is out

May 18 edition hitting news stands now

Have you wondered why a big, white balloon recently has been floating above a Port Aransas Coast Guard vessel? Find out what that’s all about by picking up the May 18 edition of the South Jetty, hitting news stands around town right now.

Also in this edition, you’ll see:

• Where you can go, and when, to see a presentation on the possibility of a public recreation center being built in Port Aransas;

• What a climate survey of teachers said about Port Aransas schools;

• How you can attend a book signing this weekend for author Rachel Pearson, who grew up in Port Aransas and has written a book published by a New York City publishing house;

• A story about a family that has just finished a construction project that stays true to Old Town Port Aransas architecture;

• Who have been named athletes of the year at Port Aransas High School;

• How you can talk personally to a county appraiser about your property appraisal without ever leaving Port Aransas (Saturday only);

• Results of Port Aransas High School athletes’ efforts at a state track meet and in softball playoffs;

• A photo of a big ling a man caught recently at Horace Caldwell Pier;

• And news on Port Aransas school improvements, scholarships and trustees.

Also, check out photos shot at ArtFest and at Port Aransas school field days!

These and other stories are in the May 18 edition of the South Jetty, the most complete and accurate source of information for all things Port Aransas.

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