2017-05-18 / Fishing

Reef fish

Public hearings to be held via webinar Tuesday, Wednesday

The minimum stock size threshold for red snapper and other reef fish stocks, as well as a proposal that would modify the vermilion snapper annual catch limits and maximum sustainable yield proxies, will be considered at public hearings via webinar scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, May 23 and 24.

While red snapper already have a defined maximum stock size threshold, three alternatives in Reef Fish Amendment 44 would change that definition. Two other alternatives would not.

The hearing on red snapper and other reef fish, Reef Fish Amendment 44, will be held Tuesday, and the hearing on Reef Fish Amendment 47, on vermilion snapper, will be on Wednesday.

Both hearings start at 5 p.m., Central Standard Time.

The webinar for minimum stock size threshold for red snapper and other reef stock fish is accessible at https://register. gotowebinar.com/register/ 369981646765939713.

The webinar concerning vermilion snapper may be accessed at https://register. gotowebinar.com/register/ 5395690967655721217.

Draft documents and other learning materials may be viewed at http://tinyurl.com/ public-materials.

Comments may be submitted online at:

Reef Fish Amendment 44: gulfcouncil.org/council_ meetings/comment_ forms/ Status-Determination-Criteria. php.

Reef Fish Amendment 47: http://gulfcouncil.org/counc i l _ meetings/comment_ forms/RF_ Amendment_ 47. php.

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