2017-04-20 / Island Focus

Yard art

Pieces can be found in yards all over town
Staff photos by Zach Perkins

Interesting pieces of art can be found in yards all around Port Aransas. This is a collection of some of the quirky pieces in residents’ yards.

Clockwise from upper right: Ron Revell has had a couple of toilet planters in front of his home on Station Street over the past 20 years. The current one is named “Flushing Meadows” at Revell’s Landing. A variety of flowers made of yarn are pinned on a fence near the University of Texas Marine Science Institute. Judith and Bill Calhoun purchased several pieces of Mexican talavera tile while visiting Nuevo Laredo. They have pieces not only in their front yard, but throughout their entire Island Moorings home. One can see many Farley boats around town on nearly every block. This one, located in Island Moorings, is used as a planter for flowers, and home to replicas of the residents’ dogs. Tom and Terri Williams have been featured in magazines for art inside and out of their home on Station Street. A few wind pieces fly on a recent day with strong wind gusts. A classic windmill with a Texas flag on it sits in a well-manicured lawn on Avenue C.

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