2017-04-20 / Front Page

New South Jetty is out

April 20 edition hitting news stands now

We have compiled everything you need to know about SandFest in a 60-page guide in the new edition of the South Jetty, which is hitting news stands all over Port Aransas as you read this.

Also in this edition, you’ll see:

• An interview with the man hired to be the new principal of Port Aransas High School;

• A list of what teachers got when the Port Aransas Education Foundation handed out more than $120,000 in grants;

• That early voting starts soon in the $6 million bond issue proposed by Port Aransas schools;

• How you can help the Port Aransas library possibly win a big grant for its expansion;

• The latest in Port Aransas school board news;

• How you can help a Port Aransas family involved in a tragic car accident;

• What’s been happening with the baseball, softball and tennis teams at Port Aransas schools;

• And how you can get involved in a beach cleanup Saturday.

Plus, check out half a page full photos of interesting Port Aransas yard art consisting of everything from concrete critters to a toilet.

These and other stories are in the April 20 edition of the South Jetty, the most complete and accurate source of information for all things Port Aransas.

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