2017-03-16 / Youth

Leadership and responsibility

Education Notes
Grace Flood

Being Student Council President the past year has taught me a lot about leadership and responsibility. As president I have been in charge of activities from homecoming and field day for my fellow students, to giving a speech at Veterans Day for the community. I have also set up and run weekly meetings for the other members of the council and discussed our ideas with our sponsor.

These things, no matter how small, have taught me a lesson about how to take charge of a situation, as well as how to respect other people’s opinions.

Serving as president also will help me in college and while trying to establish a career. In the fall I will be attending Texas A&M University and will study business marketing in Mays Business School. It is very important as a business major to be confident and respectful, and having been student council president will play in my favor, because I will already be prepared for anything that is thrown at me.

It will also help me even further in the future. One day I would like to own my own business, and I feel that it will be similar to running the student council. If I had not served as president this past year I think all my future goals would have been harder to obtain, because I would have to learn all the lessons I have already been taught as I move further into life, instead of already knowing them as I proceed.

I have very much enjoyed being student council president over the past school year and I will always remember I have learned from my short time serving, but the year isn’t over yet! The student council is still in the middle of planning field day for our fellow students and I want to make it the best field day yet, because this will be my final act as president.

Grace Flood is a senior at Port Aransas High School and the president of the student council.

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