2017-03-16 / Front Page

New South Jetty is out

March 16 edition is out

Spring Break has hit in Port Aransas, and you can see complete coverage of the big holiday, in stories and photos, if you pick up the March 16 edition of the South Jetty, which is hitting news stands now.

In this issue, you’ll also see:

• The facts on MIP (minor in possession) charges when they’re leveled in Port Aransas.

(We interviewed police, a local judge and the school superintendent here in town.)

• Why a federal judge this week ordered a firm to shut down its mooring operations for barges in Lydia Ann Channel, and how the company is responding;

• Why it’s such a big deal that the University of Texas Marine Science Institute has been awarded a $5.6 million grant to conduct studies in the Arctic;

• What happened when police raided a Port Aransas hotel recently;

• The latest on the search for a new principal at Port Aransas High School;

• How fellow students helped Port Aransas seventh-grader Zeke Ortiz celebrate the end of his chemotherapy treatments for cancer;

• A photo of a really big black drum caught recently in Port Aransas waters;

Also, check out a photographic essay on Spring Breaks celebrated in past years in Port Aransas.

These and other stories are in the March 16 edition of the South Jetty, the most complete and accurate source of information for all things Port Aransas.

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