2014-05-08 / Island Focus

PAEF awards 74 grants

Staff photos by Taryn Walker

The Port Aransas Education Foundation awarded $113,995.25 in grants for Port Aransas ISD employees at an assembly on Wednesday, April 30.

From top: Kindergartener Raquel Merritt throws her hands in the air after winning a $10 gift card to Dairy Queen. She won the card for anwsering the question, ‘What does PAEF stand for?’; teachers, staff and PAEF members pose with a giant check after grants were awarded. Seventyfour grants were awarded, including several for iPads, teacher conferences and workshops; Spanish teacher Leif Johnson, right, was told to sing a song that organizers made up, in Spanish. PAHS Principal Sharon McKinney, center, laughs while PAEF president Wendy Moore, left, gives a smile. Next to Moore, left to right are PAEF members Virginia Scott and Michelle Sours; Port Aransas High School Science teacher Ryan Piwetz, right, had to ‘pie’ himself in the face with the support of second grader Hunter Stunz; the crowd of students got wild while PAEF members looked for volunteers to pie Piwetz;

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