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Year is result of hard work

It seems like just yesterday we were all standing in the school doorways, welcoming our students back for the 2011-2012 school year, and now, here we are finishing the school year in just one more week. Once again, what a successful school year it has been!

Our University Interscholastic League (UIL) athletic and academic teams went the distance once again this school year by winning a combination of district, area, and regional competitions, with some Port Aransas ISD teams and individual students advancing to the state meets. We saw students exemplify prowess in not only their athletic and academic skills and talents, but especially in their sportsmanship and capabilities to work as a cohesive team.

Way to go, Marlins! You truly are champions, both in and out of the classroom.

Our staff and students also worked ever so hard in the classrooms, endeavoring to do their very best on the new State of Texas accountability assessments, the STAAR and End-of-Course (EOC) exams. Although we won’t have a “state rating” for this year’s tests since they are new and the standards for passing have not yet been set, we will know how we did as a school district sometime late in the fall of 2012.

Our Port Aransas ISD board of trustees, school principals and administrative staff all worked diligently this year to advance our use of technology as an instructional tool in and outside the classroom.

Trustees used the results of a technology audit of Port Aransas ISD to approve “reserving” $600,000 of the school district’s fund balance or savings account to continue upgrading and advancing our Internet capabilities and ensuring that state-of the-art technology hardware is in the hands of our students and teachers.

Setting the tone for where we want to be as a school district with regard to technology is our new technology vision, which states that Port Aransas ISD will create, promote and sustain a dynamic, digital-age learning culture and environment that supports professional learning and innovation to empower educators to enhance student learning.

This will result in giving every student the opportunity to analyze and solve problems, communicate and collaborate, and demonstrate his or her learning in a variety of ways using technology.

This says it all. Port Aransas

ISD wants to be a school district in the forefront of how we use technology in and outside our schools to prepare our students to be technologyliterate as they enter higher education and the workforce. Rest assured, we are not standing still when it comes to using technology to enhance student instruction. The school is doing its part to reach this goal and so is our community.

We would not be in any way as advanced as we are already were it not for the funding Port Aransas ISD teachers and staff received from the Port Aransas Education Foundation (PAEF) throughout the years. Especially significant is that this year alone, the PAEF awarded $101,186.85 in grants, with more than $45,000 of these funds being given to support the purchase and use of technology in our classrooms.

Thank you, Port Aransas Education Foundation, for your generosity and hard work in securing donations throughout the years to support our ongoing efforts at enhancing our students’ learning.

And thank you, students, parents, community members and especially the Port Aransas ISD staff members and board of trustees for another successful and happy school year.

Let’s all have a great summer and I’ll see you in August!

Dr. Sharon Doughty is superintendent of Port Aransas ISD.

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