2012-05-03 / Youth

End-of-school show is tonight

A moment of silence for mimes

It may not be the noisiest crowd the Port Aransas High School stage has ever seen when students get together for their traditional end-ofyear show.

That’s because much of the activity will involve mimes.

The free performance starts at 7 p.m. tonight, Thursday, May 3, and drama director Danny Reyes says it will include clown skits as well as the non-speaking mimes.

“We like to have a fun show that will be an intimate experience for the audience,” Reyes said, adding that from time to time the mimes may leave the stage to interact with audience members.

Mimes include Michelle Arnold, Jessica Craft, Cles Follett, Meg Follett, Aaron Kenigsberg, Jake Mangan, Corban Marcantel, Mary Mc- Cann, Morgan Milligan, Elliott Morris, Hazel Morris, Mamta Patel, Varsha Patel, Genevieve Powers, Samantha Rodriguez, Emma Shannon, Shelby Stephenson and Jenna Ward.

The production crew includes Harrison Clark, Seth Hyatt, Alistair Lallier and Sierra Morrell.

Reyes said sample titles for the skits include “The First Man on the Sun” and “Early Man Discovers Fire.”

While donations won’t be solicited, a jar will be put in a corner for anyone who wants to contribute to the ongoing costs of props and materials, which must be bought for each show, Reyes said.

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