2012-04-12 / Youth

We’ve come a long way


The blank page stares back at me -- so much to say about the school district and my tenure on the board of trustees that I don’t know where to start.

I presume I should introduce myself to those who don’t know me. My name is Margaret Price, and I am currently the president of the Port Aransas ISD school board. This is my third year in this position. I have also served four years as vice president and two years as secretary. I am completing my 12th and final year on the board.

I have had the honor of serving with 20 different board members---some stayed a short time and one left us way too soon, but the majority completed several terms of service.

Many things have changed during my time: We built an administration building, a middle school gym and added new classrooms and numerous other facility projects funded by a bond that the community passed in 2001.

The Port Aransas Education Foundation (PAEF), established in 2006, has been monumental in bringing us wonderful additions to our schools, from chalkboards to laptops, from field trips to the annual fifthgrade trip to the Corpus Christi Symphony. Our PAEF has afforded many of our teachers the opportunity for specialized training.

Standardized testing has changed from TAKS to TEKS to STARR. Right about now, we are all wondering, what can possibly be next in testing!

Since I started as a board member, there have been some changes in how we fund our schools. But in reality, the state still dictates how much of our local money we can keep to educate our own students.

When the state came up with the idea of “giving” us golden pennies, in 2005-2006, that sounded good, but they are gone. We are still funding our district on approximately 25 cents out of every dollar we raise in local property taxes.

Yet, with these financial woes we continue to produce state champs in UIL competitions, and have had great success in all of our sports endeavors.

What has not changed is the mission of PAISD, which is to inspire every student to reach his or her potential through the highest quality education in a safe and caring environment and to prepare students for meaningful lives and careers.

This is what it is all about, and this, my friends, is my swan song. To the citizens, administrators, teachers, staff and students of Port Aransas, I sincerely appreciate the opportunity I have had to serve in the honored capacity of member of the board of trustees of Port Aransas ISD.

Margaret Price is president of the Port Aransas ISD school board; she is not seeking re-election this year.

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