2012-04-05 / Youth

School grants to be awarded

The Port Aransas Education Foundation and Port Aransas ISD will announce grant award recipients for 2012 in a ceremony at the high school on Wednesday, April 11, at 2:15 p.m.

The ceremony will be part of an assembly at the school that will be attended by the entire school, said Wendy Moore, education foundation president.

Moore said she expects this year to set another record in grant awards.

That means the foundation must come up with more than $79,542.07, the total of the grants awarded to Port Aransas teachers and administrators last year. That, in turn, broke the previous year’s record of $60,000.

This will be the sixth year the PAEF has made grants, which are chosen by the organization’s board from applications submitted by teachers and administrators.

The criterion is that the grant money must be used to improve education in Port Aransas.

PAEF’s major fundraiser is the annual Mardi Gras in October.

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