2011-05-05 / Island Life

Volunteers find tons of trash

Adopt-A-Beach Spring Cleanup

Windier than normal conditions on the beach last weekend didn’t hold 251 volunteers from showing up to clean Port Aransas beaches during the 25th annual Texas General Land Office Adopt-A-Beach Spring Cleanup on Saturday, April 30.

Held rain or shine, or even high winds, the cleanup was part of a twice-yearly event drawing volunteers to 29 designated sites along the Texas coast, with Port Aransas being one .

According to event organizer Deno Fabrie, Saturday’s volunteers cleaned 7.7 miles of beach, clearing away some 12,975 pounds of trash. That’s around six-and-a-half tons.

Besides the usual debris including items such as cigarette butts, sunglass and food packages, three unusual items were recorded: A bowling pin, a television and a full vial of morphine.

Volunteer groups included the University of Texas Marine Science Institute’s Green Team which cleaned the jetties from behind UT to the surf, 43 high school students from Lake Travis, Girl Scouts from Port Aransas and Austin, cub scouts from Port Aransas and surrounding areas and nine Planteteers from Port Aransas High School.

The Planeteers picked up “thousands of plastic bottles from the north jetty and the area immediately surrounding it,” according to club sponsor Jill Smith who took the group to St. Joseph Island for the cleanup with Julie Findley.

The fall Adopt- A- Beach cleanup is scheduled for Saturday, September 24.

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