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BMS gets new books, bookcases


New books, shelves STAFF PHOTO BY DAN PARKER Patt Coeckelenbergh, librarian at Brundrett Middle School, shows some of the new books (in her arms and on top of the shelves) she bought recently with a grant from the Port Aransas Education Foundation. The shelves in the foreground, soon to be filled with books, were built and donated by Herb Lancaster, a Port Aransas resident who owns a furniture building business.
Students visiting the Brundrett Middle School library this fall term have found more than 65 new books - courtesy of a grant from the Port Aransas Education Foundation (PAEF).

Also recently arriving at the library were two new bookcases, custombuilt and delivered for free by Herb Lancaster and some of his workers at Lancaster Industries, a furniturebuilding business.

The books were purchased through part of a $2,500 grant announced in the spring from PAEF, said Patt Coeckelenbergh, librarian at BMS. About 65 books arrived in May, and approximately the same number arrived in another order in August, she said.

The grant also financed the purchase of another approximately 100 books that are on order, Coeckelenbergh said. Still more books might be bought with left-over money from the grant.

Coeckelenbergh said the $2,500 grant doubled her budget for buying new books.

All of the books bought with the grant are novels. That will help with lessons taught by reading teacher Paul Balcom, who requires students to read novels.

PAEF sought out Lancaster to build the bookcases and deliver them as a donation. Lancaster said he had done free woodworking projects for schools attended by his children before and had planned for quite a while to build a new bookcase for the BMS library. (Lancaster has a 13-year-old son, Chris, who is an eighth grader at BMS.)

When PAEF approached him, he decided to build two bookcases instead.

Each of the two oak bookcases are about four feet high and six feet long. Delivered in July, Lancaster put their total value at about $3,000.

Lancaster is president and owner of Lancaster industries, which has locations in Cuero and Aransas Pass.

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